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Self-Hypnosis is the most powerful self-help technique known to humanity.

Hypnosis is Safe

With hypnosis, there are no adverse side effects. When you are in hypnosis, you can expect to be mentally and physically relaxed while still being aware and entirely in control. 



Hypnosis is Natural

The hypnotic trance is a naturally-occurring state of mind. Everyone experiences this state each day. When you daydream, become engrossed in an intriguing movie, zone out watching a TV show, lose track of time reading a good novel, you’re experiencing a natural, yet altered state of mind.


You have the natural ability to go into hypnosis.  With my help, you can learn to use this ability to make desirable, lasting changes in your life.  Think of it as learning to reprogram your subconscious mind.  You can reprogram negative thought patterns and release bad habits to have a healthier and more productive life.  It’s amazingly simple yet utterly profound!



Hypnosis is Proven

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has documented over 11,000 recent credible research studies supporting hypnosis for medical and psychological healing. The American Medical Association approved hypnosis in 1958.  


I am living proof of how hypnosis can transform a life; after living 40 years with an average of 17 chronic and debilitating migraines a month and decades of searching for relief, I healed with hypnotherapy.  To this day, I live migraine free.

Hypnosis is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person’s internal resources to assist in solving problems, increasing motivation, healing, and/or altering behavior patterns to create positive change.  

Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of mind, where your mind is relaxed, highly focused, and open to positive suggestions.  The subconscious mind is where all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, and controls of our body live, it is responsible for about 95% of our life.  The conscious mind is where our analytical thought, willpower, and five senses live which makes up the other 5% of our life.  The most effective way to make lasting change is to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious mind to examine your beliefs about yourself and how you view the world.  Hypnosis allows us to free ourselves from fear-based programming and assumed limitations.  This provides for an ongoing experience of your natural state of joy, health, abundance, and love. This is a partnership where we work together to achieve your goal. You are in control...I am simply your guide.


Hypnosis has helped many to change limiting beliefs and improve health and well-being. Hypnosis is fast, easy, and effective.

It has been extensively studied and is used worldwide.

Hypnosis may help you:

  • Forgive

  • Reduce Stress

  • Achieve a Goal

  • Grow Spiritually

  • Heal Traumatic Memories

  • Live with a Positive Attitude         

  • Increase Memory & Recall  

  • Feel More Calm and Relaxed

  • Increase Motivation

  • End Unwanted Habits 

  • Feel More Confident

  • Speak in Public with Ease

  • Give Birth with Comfort & Ease

  • Increase Overall Well-being

  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain* 

  • Live Free of Migraines*

  • Increase Fertility*

  • Feel More Calm & Relaxed 

  • Accelerate Intra-Operative Healing

  • Reduce Pre-operative Anxiousness

  • Intra-operative Support

  • Control Post-Operative Pain

  • Accelerate Healing* 

  • Normalization of Digestion for IBS*

  • Reach Your Healthy Body Shape & Size

  • Regain Natural Sleep Pattern 

  • Eliminate Needle Phobias

  • Burn Care from Radiation Treatment

       for Cancer Care

*Must be assessed by a physician.

   Because a person’s attitude and decision to heal are the most important factors in their successful outcome, this list is in fact endless.

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