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Medical Support Hypnosis

Medical support hypnosis is an effective tool for improving the outcomes of patient care in areas such as relieve suffering, speed recovery from injury, regain health from dis-ease, prevent illness, accelerated healing, and control pain. Doctors and medical facilities are becoming more familiar with the benefits of medical hypnosis as a supportive adjunct to one's medical treatment.  Nearly 95% of all clients are referred to me by their medical professionals.  

As a Certified Medical Support Hypnotist, I have specialized training in addition to my general hypnotherapy education. I am highly skilled at implementing medical support hypnosis techniques for both psychoneuroimmunological and psychoneuro-physiological applications. I teach self-hypnosis methods for self-care and conduct private and group sessions.  I work as an adjunct to a person’s conventional medical treatment as directed by a physician. An on-site medical support hypnosis session can be conducted in as short as five to seven minutes.  It can reduce anxious feelings, reduce or eliminate pain, improve patient compliance, and post-procedure outcomes.

*Depending on the person’s needs, sessions can occur in the physician's office, at Lisa’s office, or online, worldwide.

Veterans report a 42% improvement in pain intensity and 45% improvement in Pain interference with hypnosis and hypnotherapy. 

*All sessions in this abstract were designed and facilitated by Lisa Ludovici.


Medical Hypnosis: Unlocking the Pharmacy within. 

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